Words from our clients...


Mere words don't express the beautiful, artistic creations we have acquired from Trident Fine Woodworking. We were so very fortunate to have commissioned pieces especially created for our Dining room and wine cellar. We were searching for unique and one of a kind pieces. Michael is the ultimate artist with exceptional skills, who definitely knows his craft well. We are honored to possess his extraordinary works of art!"                  

- M.J. & Roberto Gerometta-EspiGero Ranch, Temecula, CA

"I saw Michael's work at a Liberty Station show, and was impressed by the clean lines, elegant design, and the quality of workmanship. His work has a compelling timelessness and a comforting beauty, bringing to mind both substance and tranquility. I purchased a footstool of bird's-eye and striated maple that my children, grandchildren, and (I hope) their grandchildren will use into the next century."


 - K.M.M, San Diego



"My wife and I were looking for some nice chairs for us to sit on the lawn and look over the lake in the back of our home. Fortunately we met Mike Murphy at Trident Fine Woodworking. My wife has always loved Adirondack chairs next to bodies of water. Mike showed us some of his work and we were immediately impressed by his craftsmanship. Mike helped us with choosing the wood, finish and the little details to suit our wants and needs. We live in Nebraska so the weather is at both ends of the extreme. Mike recommended teak and we could not have been happier with his advice. Once we received the chairs, we were amazed at the detail. Beyond our expectations! These were more than just chairs. We will be passing these on to our grandchildren someday. The quality is leagues beyond what is found anywhere else. I am so thankful we met Mike Murphy. We couldn't be any happier with the finished pieces. My only problem is that now my wife wants them to sit on a NEW patio."

- David & Kim Henson, Omaha, Nebraska

"We LOVE our footstool! The wood goes perfectly with both our dark wood furniture as well as light wood. We have received numerous compliments on it. The footstool is very unique and elegant, yet very sturdy. It has become a staple in our house!"

- Tina T., San Diego, CA


" I absolutely LOVE my rocking chair, sculpted by Mike Murphy! I got it on time, just before my son was born. It fits so comfortably and it’s so perfect for nursing him as he falls asleep. It’s become our morning and evening ritual. There have been times when the only thing that will console him is sitting down with him and rocking. He loves it just as much as I do. Not only is it comfortable, it 's also gorgeous. It’s easy to see that Mike puts so much time, effort and love into his pieces. I will be keeping this chair in the family for years to come. Maybe one day my son will be rocking his very own children in it. Thank you, Mike Murphy for my beautiful chair, one that I will cherish always."

- Theresa M., San Diego, CA


"We first saw Michael’s pub table and chairs in an issue of Fine Woodworking and contacted him through his website. Our inquiry was met with a very nice return phone call and throughout the process Michael was as nice and his work was as professional as our first impressions. However, what is not captured with a picture is the tactile pleasure of his pieces…their smoothness, their innumerable curves, their surprising thickness in places that can only happen with hand-worked and built furniture. And the chairs are really comfortable!

This furniture set will be cherished by our family for generations to come no matter what the fashion of the time. Michael’s pieces are beautifully designed, masterfully crafted, and have a smooth-as-silk finish that takes days of fond gazing to fully appreciate."

- The Hecks, San Francisco Bay Area


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